Proposal Workshop presentation (Dec 03 2014)

Proposal Workshop writing template

Two sample dissertations from 2013 (design and written) - from Tsung-Hsien


Belinda Ercan

Proposal Writing Workshop Dec 17

Please can you peer-review your assigned proposal based on the following criteria:

- Title and abstract: Do these concisely summarize the goals, methodology and significance of the research?

- Clarity of Aims: Is it clear what the research aims to achieve?

- Clarity of Objectives: Are there clear steps that will be followed to achieve the goals of the research? Is it clear why these objectives have been chosen (ie does the statement of methodology relate to the aims and objectives)?

- Originality: Is it clear how this research builds on the state of the art in the field? Is there a plan for conducting a literature review that will make it clear whether this research has the potential to make a contribution?

- Significance: Does the proposed research relate to interdisciplinary questions and transcend disciplinary boundaries?

- Feasibility: Does it seem possible that the proposed research can be completed with the time and resources available?