Using the data you have all collected during the field trip, each group will produce a 10-minute presentation. This data includes photos, notes, my tracks and tweets. Please can everyone upload your data from the field trip to this shared folder by the end of the day on Wed February 10, and add your twitter username to this spreadsheet.

Your group presentation should include the following elements:
  • A selection of themes from the group field trip database that continues your analysis of the Sheffield campus
  • A map-based visualization that includes the geolocated images (using Google My Maps, Processing, etc)
  • A 5-minute summary presentation of your analysis of the group data collection

Please refer to the presentations below for examples of visualization for walks, twitter data, and geolocated images. This work should be completed in groups and will be presented in studio on February 17.


- Twitter data visualization
- Representation of walking
- Open data methodology


- sign up for twitter [if you aren't already]
- install a twitter app on your phone
- find out how to turn on [and off!] the location settings for sending tweets.

- ANDROID users - install the google app 'My Tracks'
- IPHONE - install the google maps app
- IPHONE - install the MyTracks app
- find out how to turn on [and off!] the location settings for your phone and for the app

for GPS TRACKING: Google Location History
- you will need to use your a google account to login and access your 'location history' using either of these tools [you can use your university account]
- whichever app you install, have a play with turning on [and off!] the location settings on your phone
- try creating and viewing your google 'location history':
- download your location history as a JSON file for use in Processing


Sample Data
The data for the workshop exercise is here (with time values converted to Unix timestamp):
tweet data
myTracks Data

(with time values as downloaded from Twitter):
tweet data (raw)
myTracks data (raw)

Field Trip Data
The data collected during the field trip is on Google Drive.

Initial steps (prior to creating a custom visualization):
1) view the data in Excel
2) view the data in Google My Maps
3) view the data in Processing (we'll use the example in this tutorial)

File from workshop in class:
(slider with map)